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Energy Guru has developed many innovative clean energy and robotics products and solution

SolarDuster Robots: Solar power plants use precious water in arid region to wash solar power plants. Almost 10 to 20 thousand litres of water is used in per MW per wash. To save this water and soiling losses of solar plants from dust, Energy Guru has developed six models of robots for variosu kinds of plants around the world.

SunVeg Dryers: 30 to 40% of agriculture produce goes waste due to variosu reasons. Agri-rich country like India processes only 2% of its produce. SunVeg solar + biogas dryer to dry fruits, vegetables and herbs. This will save produce, create livelihood for rural sector, save methane from entering envrionment, provides clean cooking.

SharerSun: To reduce fossil fuel and coal consumption in factories and power plants, Energy Guru developed innovative concentrating solar thermal technology to integrate into existing or new plants. It is a large aperture parabolic trough for ease of manufacturing, ease of transport and assembling on site. It is modular in nature can be configured to scale up easily.

FielderBot Robots: To help excessive efforts in conducting various tasks as well as to increase human safety, Energy Guru has developed FielderBot robots for remote inspection, thermographic inspectio, UV disinfecting and concierge applications.

Our Services

Robots as a Service (RaaS)

To reduce upfront cost of ownership of robots, Energy Guru has devised Robots as a Service model.


International financing for large utility-scale solar projects like US EXIM Financing.

Business Analytics and Data Services

Supporting international clients with data intense consulting services through data, business analytics and reporting services.

R&D Product Development Service

R&D Services for developing innovative products and services.

Advisory Services (RaaS)

Various strategic advisory services, financing modelling, market analysis.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI/ML Model development for various industries.

Our Team

Geetanjali Patil Choori

CEO & Co-founder

Umesh Choori

President & Co-founder

Rohit Chalvade

Projects Director

Milind Galhate

IT Director

Driven to create positive impact on environment and people using technology.

Most of us come from a background where we understand importance of staying in congruence with nature. Our technical brains are meant to create positive impact by helping energy, industrial and agriculture sector.

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