US EXIM Financing Advantages for Solar Power Plants:
  • Financing at ~3% Interest Rate ( + hedging cost) from US Exim
  • High quality solar modules and components at competitive prices
  • Need less land area, hence more output in same area
  • Proven technologies for long life of Solar PV power plants
  • Quicker pay back

Financing requires understanding policies, incentives, structuring the deals while managing the deciding on product procurement strategy in an effective way. Our multidisciplinary team consists of Finance experts, economists, engineers, lawyers and accountants all need to work together to ensure that a project achieves its funding objectives. We have access to major banks, international financial institutions and private equity investors and can present the completed feasibility study to them. Our talented multi-displinary teams will assist in following areas:

  • Project Advisory: Feasibility Studies, Sensitivity Analysis, Financial Modelling
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Arranging LOW INTEREST INTERNATIONAL FINANCING from export oriented banks
  • Financing Applications
  • Best Quotations from top global suppliers and EPC players
  • Engineering, Design with our experienced global collaboration partners.
  • Structuring the deal and sourcing most optimal way to maximize project returns.
  • Advisory on Hybrid project approach, if necessary.
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Solar Park Setup
  • Create & Review Financial Models: This enables to evaluate various most appropriate financial options and structures.
Currently we are working on many on active project finance deals on financing multi-MW Solar PV and CSP projects in India. The attractive financing terms by international lenders is enabling the project developers to the project financially more viable.Please send us an email at about brief information on project. Our finance team will review the project status.
Current Interest Rates (Sept 2014) - Source: (US EXIM Website)
Loan Amount and Currency:

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Getting the financial closure for the project is an important step in your ability to sell the product or service to project developers or customers. Do contact for our expertise to help your customers with that important step.

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We also provide energy consulting, green and LEED consulting, and energy efficient alterations to existing architectural plans. Our Green Building Experts provide design consulting for green and healthy buildings whose primary focus is on:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Air quality
  • Water conservation
  • Eco-friendly Material selection
  • Land impact for each building
  • Transporation and accessibility
  • Local climate based heating and cooling strategy
  • Energy efficient lighting
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The demand for renewable energy is increasing dramatically and so are international, federal, state and private incentives designed to ensure that supply keeps pace with demand, from special financing terms to tax incentives to grant funding. These incentives can significantly improve the economic value of a new project. List of selected expertise:
  • Help you in identifying renewable energy-related incentives such as investment and production tax credits.
  • Perform due diligence, cost benefit analysis and IRR calculations.
  • Conduct Project risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Advise for strategies for tapping the potential rewards of greenhouse gas emissions credit-trading opportunities.
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